Dimensione Natura, established in1988, is a cooperative consisting of a united group of people focused on improving people’s lives.  Its aim is to create job opportunities for the youth of this rural area of Amandola and to help young adults, arriving from throughout Italy, redirect their energy into a more healthy and constructive lifestyle.  An equally important role, and one which is affiliated with the former, is the promotion and development of tourism.  We try to preserve and promote this ecologically “green” area located between Amandola, Monte San Martino and Smerillo.  Through the associated organization CEA (Center for Environmental Education), we are able to offer interesting flora and fauna walking paths along the lake of San Ruffino.  Also here is an information kiosk.  During the summer, canoeing and kayaking are available on the lake.  Included in our complex are two farmhouses with sleeping accommodations, a lakeside restaurant, an equestrian school which also offers tours on horseback, a masseur and masseuse and a biological store selling creams and cosmetics.  To complete our repertoire, we also participate in and promote cultural events such as lectures on a wide-range of topics, art exhibitions and concerts.