Info Station


Our tourist information centre is located in a converted train station along SP239 in Val di Tenna, Smerillo. It is competently managed by Giorgio Vianello. In addition to brochures, Giorgio can offer you a multitude of information regarding this area of the high Tenna Valley and the eastern slopes of the Sibillini Mountains. He also sells natural cosmetics. Independently of Dimensione Natura, Giorgio, as a trained, professional masseur, has allocated a room upstairs for massages. Also within the ex-railroad station is San Ruffino Cosmetics run by Pasquale Palazzo. In addition to his cosmetics and herbal cures, Dr. Palazzo promotes the value of products based on Aloe Vera. Actually, he was a pioneer of Aloe Vera in Italy and, as such, is a supplier of the Vatican Herbalist’s Shop.
Next door to the station is a Farm Store. Here you can purchase many products to satisfy farm and garden needs. In addition, local farm produce can be purchased here when in season.
If Giorgio is not available at the Info Station, we have another info point on SP239 in San Lorenzo, Amandola. Our contact here is Giuseppe Millozzi who can provide a myriad of information regarding sightseeing, country and mountain walks as well as guide services.




For information and reservations, please contact Giorgio Vianello: (39) 339-2752087  cell phone

For an English-speaker, please contact Giuseppe Millozzi: (39) 333-2163287  cell phone