Environmental Education

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CEA (Center of Environmental Education) Lake of San Ruffino, in the provinces of Fermo and Macerata, in collaboration with CEA (Center of Environmental Education) Woods of Smerillo, in the province of Fermo, protect and promote a large area of land of the upper Tenna Valley from the Lake of San Ruffino to Mount Falcone.  This creates a “green” area of flora and fauna, which are both educational and enjoyable for all age groups.

The CEA Smerillo incorporates a high hill at whose summit is found the village of Smerillo.  Near the center of the town are pleasant paths where you can amble and explore on your own or join a guided tour which explains the flora and fauna along the way.  Additionally, the village itself is well worth a visit because of its remnants of medieval walls, towers and an entrance gate from which there is a breathtaking view.

The CEA Lake of San Ruffino is located in the Tenna River Valley and includes an artificial lake, created from a river and used for irrigation, which can be enjoyed from late April until mid-September.  Nearby is the Abbey of Saints Ruffino and Vitale, which is the historical jewel of this area.  This abbey was superimposed over a Roman site.  Of great interest are the crypt and the grotto, in which exist frescoes executed by hermit monks.

The information center for both of these CEA is the Stazione del Gusto, located in the center of the valley of the Tenna on SP239 road.  Here you will find brochures and maps offering a variety of itineraries around the lake and in the hills.  These itineraries can be enjoyed on foot, on horseback or on mountain bike.  While here, you can also book a guided tour of any of the area’s historical sites.

CEA offers the following services to visitors:

  • Museum of Natural Science
  • A farmhouse with rooms for your holiday stay
  • Horse stables offering horseback excursions, horse riding instruction, horseback therapy
  • Nature paths and picnic area
  • An information office
  • A store selling natural products, facial creams and cosmetics
  • A kayak school
  • Boat and bicycle rentals

For information and reservations, please contact Giuseppe Millozzi:

(39) 333- 2163287 cell phone

(39) 0736 848099 land line