Summer Concerts – Monte San Martino


I Concerti dele grazie milozzi luglio 2017-01(please click on program list in order to see the dates of the concerts)

The town of Monte San Martino is sponsoring 4 summer concerts.  Three will be held in the Church of the Madonna delle Grazie, built around the year 1000 then later enlarged and decorated with interesting and well-preserved frescos.  The final concert will be held in the Church of San Martino Vescovo, whose construction was begun in the 11th century and which is home of the precious polyptychs created by the brothers Carlo and Vittore Crivelli.  The artistic director of the concerts is Dante Milozzi.  As many of you know, Dante directs and performs in many area concerts in addition to his role as first flautist of the National Symphonic Orchestra of RAI.